We have already trialled our Bootcamp sessions in UK and in France. Bootcamps comprise more intensive training, where participants attend workshops over a series of days to gain the knowledge and skills they need to set up a business. We received great feedback from the women that attended.

University of Essex Bootcamp

In September, a bootcamp was run over two days by the University of Essex. At this bootcamp, 14 women gained training in business strategy and planning, marketing and social media, finance and health and wellbeing. The women who attended comprised refugees who were either preparing to start their business, or had recently started-up. Not only did the bootcamp cater for the women, but also 16 dependents (aged 5 months to 7 years old), where a play area was made available within sight of parents, with a qualified carer and volunteers for the duration of the training. 

Participants were connected with 4 facilitators (women who had started up their own successful businesses) and the event involved a lot of story-telling by facilitators of the issues, challenges and successes they have encountered on their own business journeys. Together with learning about the hard skills needed to run a successful business, the event also provided mindfulness training, to help with the development of softer skills that are also needed.

Being in this workshop has helped me understand how powerful women are especially when guided or at least inspired. Also, it has taught more on the value of communities such as the community of entrepreneurs in offering knowledge, guidance/mentorship and support through similar workshops.

Nancy Albhaisi, Bootcamp participant

Participants were captivated and inspired by the stories provided by facilitators and gained good insights into the skills outlined in the training to help them in their decisions of whether to start up their own businesses.

Women attending University of Essex bootcamp
Women attending University of Essex bootcamp

Women attending University of Essex bootcamp

Le Club Normandie Pionnières Bootcamp

Le Club Normandie Pionnières, CNP, hosted a bootcamp at the start of November in Caen, for women who have already started their businesses, but have run into challenges that they need help with. Fifteen women attended this bootcamp, where the aim was to provide them with operational and technical knowledge and skills to help them overcome their business challenges, as well as providing a place for networking with other women in a similar situation to themselves.

The bootcamp provided training in strategy, accounting, business intelligence and digital communications, where women were encouraged to think about how to apply what they had learnt into their business situations. The bootcamp also wanted to allow women to take some time out of their businesses, offering accommodation for those coming a distance from more rural areas, with evening meals to network over and incorporated hand massages within the learning days.

The venue in Caen was specifically chosen to be accessible to women. The building being an old factory that has been renovated, with a modern interior and plenty of space for coworking, housing some business start-ups. Women on the bootcamp were able to see the sort of spaces that are available for them to get together with others to continue to share their ideas and challenges after the bootcamp.

Ladies from the Le Club Normandie Pionnières Bootcamp
Ladies from the Le Club Normandie Pionnières Bootcamp
Ladies from the Le Club Normandie Pionnières Bootcamp

Dartington Hall Trust bootcamp

Dartington Hall Trust kicked off their pilot bootcamp at the start of the month with a ‘Life Mapping’ activity, giving participants the chance to gain new insights about how their life narrative has contributed to who they are and what matters most to them. 

Participants had the opportunity to hear how the founders of Nudge Community Builders in Plymouth have successfully set up a social enterprise inspiring creative community regeneration through disused, underused and unusual community spaces, which local people can enjoy. 

The atmosphere in the room was buzzing and very collaborative. Max is an amazing facilitator, very confident – she holds the space very safely

Bootcamp participant

This pilot bootcamp, running over a period of 4 weeks will help participants explore the meaning of their social purpose and how they can bring all their skills, passions and interests together to achieve their mission. All of our forthcoming bootcamps and training workshops can be found on our events page.