Kate Davies

Siobainn Chaplin

Siobainn Chaplin

Siobainn is using her long career in working with young people in her new service designed to help children and their parents or carers to start to communicate again and understand each other’s perspective during difficult times.

Vanessa Miles

Vanessa Miles has worked as a photographer for decades with her photographs gracing the pages and websites of celebrated publications. Now working as a freelance photographer and running a social enterprise, she received help from AWE which taught her some important lessons.

Ruth Chadwick

Ruth Chadwick

The idea of establishing a fleece felting enterprise had been percolating in Ruth’s mind for several years, so when she was made redundant from her role as a Kindergarten Teacher at age 63, Ruth felt it was the right time to implement her idea and invested in a felt-making machine.

Sarah Nuttall-Worsley

Sarah Nuttall-Worsley – Invigorate Nutrition Club

When the COVID-19 pandemic meant that she was put on furlough from her part-time job fundraising for a local charity, Sarah Nuttall-Worsley looked to her personal interest in health, fitness and nutrition as the inspiration for a new business.

Haidee Dampney

Haidee Dampney – Yoga with Haidee & The Tree Project CIC

A background working with vulnerable families helped Haidee Dampney to set up a business helping people to improve their wellbeing. “The AWE team helped me with my confidence in making decision, before which I was questioning whether to continue with the businesses,” said Haidee.

Elisa Riutta – South Coast Mindfulness

AWE helped me to feel in control and it was uplifting to share my experience with other female entrepreneurs and know that they faced many of the same challenges.

Ruth James

“I met someone who directed me to the AWE Making a Difference programme. It was the perfect timing and it has really helped me navigate all the practical steps I need to take in order to expand my idea.”