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AWE Sofa Sessions: What is my social purpose?

Eight Thursday evenings weekly from 27 May – 22 July 2021, with one week study break on 1 July This online programme is a good starting point for women who want to set up businesses, social enterprises, charities, and community projects. We will help you develop your initial ideas, explore personal motivations, work on business planning, and start to build a supportive network. We bring in previous AWE entrepreneurs, who may just be a few steps ahead of you, to share their journeys and also to be part of our supportive network. We facilitate a safe space for you to share your ideas in a clear and passionate way, with the rest of the group. The time commitment for this programme is approximately 2-3 hours per week over 8 evening sessions. Please submit your application before Monday 3rd May in order to be considered for a place. Find out more here:

Thursday, 27 May 2021