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This page is your dashboard and you can access the modules from here as well as see your progress as you work through them. You can also download your certificates which you receive when you complete a module. 

There are a range of modules, listed below – each module has a series of lessons split into topics and exercises which you will need to work through in order to complete the whole module. 

As you complete each section, your progress is recorded on the progress bar displayed on this Profile page as well as on the menu bar on each page of the module. You can start and stop any section at any time, making it easy for you to work at your own pace. There is a recap and reflect section at the end of each module to summarise the learning that you have covered. 

Additional materials

Some of the exercises will have templates that you can download to help you complete the exercise, these can be downloaded from the top of the page, in the Materials tab, as shown below.

Ready to get started?

To get started, click on the module title below that you wish to start working on in the list below – you can do them in any order. 

To return to a module that you have worked on previously, click on the Continue with your learning button below and this will take you back to your most recently visited section. 

If you have any issues at any time with these Online Learning Modules, please email us (hello@acceleratingwomensenterprise.uk)

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