Accelerating Women’s Enterprise – Stories from the front line

The path to becoming an entrepreneur can be daunting and we know that this is especially the case for women entrepreneurs. “Accelerating Women’s Enterprise – stories from the front line” offers sound advice, life lessons and richly felt experience to help make this path easier.

Our podcasts draw on a wide range of business owners, community leaders, charity directors, researchers, mentors, networkers – and entrepreneurs of every kind – all of whom have been involved in the Accelerating Women’s Enterprise (AWE) Project.

Hosted by broadcaster Patricia Vincent. A Resonance production for AWE.

Episode 1 – Starting Up

Patricia talks to entrepreneur Sara Guiel, founder and director of My Networking Club and AWE delivery partner for training and support for women entrepreneurs. They discuss what it takes to start-up a business in challenging times.

Episode 2 – Finding Your Tribe

Patricia talks to Amy Doyle, founder of the new start-up and not-for-profit The Lark NetworkRoni Edwards, the entrepreneur behind Pamodzi Creatives and the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards; and University of Portsmouth’s Dr. Carol Ekinsmyth. They explore the importance of positive and fruitful relationships for women in start-up and how these can be cultivated.

Episode 3 – Making a Difference

Patricia speaks to Sandie Davis, Social Enterprise Advisor and host for AWE training at HIVE, Portsmouth; Jodie Hughes, founder of the new start-up charity Endometriosis South Coast; and University of Portsmouth’s Professor Karen Johnston. We learn about how women’s experience often draws them into starting up charities and social enterprises and what makes that start-up journey different.

Episode 4 – Working with Your Community

Patricia speaks to Salina Ali and Shipa Khan, entrepreneurial pioneers within the Bangladeshi business community and Dr Carol Ekinsmyth from the University of Portsmouth. We find out more about Salina and Shipa’s newfound skills from AWE training, and how their businesses support their communities and their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

Episode 5 – A Long View

Patricia meets Margaret Barrie, coach and mentor on the Accelerating Women’s Enterprise Programme. Margaret shares her extensive experience as a psychologist and passionate advocate for women’s development.

Episode 6 – Keeping Going

Patricia meets Sass Adams – a social media advisor, an Interfaith Minister, and the founder of new start-up, Spiritunity. Sass shares the unique challenges, and sometimes conflicting world of ministry and enterprise, and how AWE spurred their business in the COVID lockdown.

Episode 7 – Taking the Lead

Patricia meets Bev Hurley, whose long career as an entrepreneur – the owner of YKTO and award-winning ambassador for women’s enterprise – includes bringing Accelerating Women’s Enterprise into being.

Episode 8 – A French Experience

Patricia talks to entrepreneur Cécile Ivanès in her embroidery studio, Atelier Brodan Bay, in North West France; and to Maria Danho of the University of Essex, one of the Accelerating Women’s Enterprise researchers. They explore the challenge of growing a business during lockdown in a remote part of France, with the support of AWE.

Episode 9 – Recipes for Success

In the final episode of the series, Patricia talks to Heather Barrie, Entrepreneur in Residence at The University of Portsmouth and the founder of ethical coffee and coffee machine supplier, Harrie’s Coffee.

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