What is my social purpose?

Summary & Reflection

This unit has provided you with some time to reflect on what you brought you here, and how your own journey is an important part of the story of your enterprise. You have learnt about what a social enterprise is and whether you are a social entrepreneur. You should have come away with a vision, …

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Social enterprise

Social enterprise is a term that is often not very well understood, and even if we understand the concept, we may still wonder “Am I a social entrepreneur?” Unit Overview & Objectives Define the terms social enterprise, social entrepreneur, values and impact Hear stories from other women who are social entrepreneurs Understand how these terms …

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What brought me here?

We do not often take the time to reflect, which is a key skill for an entrepreneur. You need to be able to see how far you have come to help make decisions about where to go next. We will work on understanding who you are and why that’s important to your business, as well …

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