Shipa Khan

Shipa Khan is Vice-Chair of the Portsmouth (PBBA) Portsmouth Bangladesh Business Association and Community Development Officer at the Portsmouth City Council.

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Salina Ali

Salina is a chartered accountant and lecturer currently working for the University of Portsmouth. She is also a member of PBBA (Portsmouth Bangladeshi Business Association), and sister of Entrepreneur in Resident, Faz Ahmed, owner of well-known The Akash restaurant in Southsea.

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Jodie Hughes

Through AWE, Jodie learnt how to value herself as a businesswoman. She took what felt like an almost impossible task and broke it down into small chunks of achievable targets.

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Selina Keedwell

Selina, Artistic Director of the Somerset Youth Theatre Community Interest Company, explains how they work in rural locations across Somerset, working with young people to provide a safe place for them to explore, create and find their voice through theatre. 

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Carmen Wong

Carmen describes how Community Interest Company, JarSquad puts joy and connection in jars by bringing surplus fruit and veg and people together to create something “magic”

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