Building your brand and value

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Working through this module will give you an understanding of your USP’s, how to raise your brand awareness successfully to create strong core messages and build your customer base.

We would recommend that you complete the Understanding your market module before starting this module as exercises that you complete there will be useful to you when completing this module – make sure you have your customer persona and competitor analysis available for this brand module as it will help you with some of the exercises.

Module Overview & Objectives

This module will help you to:

  • Look at how to create a brand and why it is so important
  • Consider the customer’s perceived value of your brand
  • Help you to explore and develop the USPs of your business
  • Explore what makes a successful brand
  • Brand positioning – what are the keys to a powerful brand position?
  • Develop ideas for how to create your core brand message
  • Explore the next steps for building your brand

All the tools and theories used in this module will be made available to you as you progress through it. You will need a pen and notepad to complete some of the offline exercises. 

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