If you’re always running to stand still, how can you possibly get more done, take on new challenges and still do everything that is already your responsibility?

This Time Management workshop challenges the perceptions regarding ‘time’ and how we ‘spend’ it, and you’ll learn some practical ways to improve your efficiency whilst starting your new business. 

The aim of this module 

We will look at ways in which we waste time by being inefficient and work on practical solutions to improve our time management and overall effectiveness. 

  • Identify how we react under time bound pressure
  • Understand how we are governed by time and why
  • Discover where our time goes on a weekly basis
  • Put together a plan enabling you to prioritise your week.

lady with many arms doing many jobs

By acting on your personal organisation and skills, you will give yourself the opportunity to achieve your objectives which provides you with greater satisfaction, reduced stress and generates better results for you and your new business!