What is my social purpose?

We all start businesses for different reasons, and for many of us there is a personal reason beyond profit – a cause and drive related to our history, our life experiences and our own values. If an enterprise has a social or environmental purpose at its core it is a social enterprise. Social enterprises focus […]

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Building your brand and value

Working through this module will give you an understanding of your USP’s, how to raise your brand awareness successfully to create strong core messages and build your customer base. We would recommend that you complete the Understanding your market module before starting this module as exercises that you complete there will be useful to you

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lady with many arms doing many jobs

Time management

Many women are adept at managing multiple tasks at the same time without even being aware that they are even doing it – organising childcare, domestic duties, care for parents and elderly relatives, work and a social life. Keeping these plates spinning can create a lot of emotional and sometimes even physical pressure on a

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Managing money and risks

Objectives The overall aim of the module is to break the taboo surrounding money and to put it in its proper place. By being aware of our previous relationship with money we can learn how to take this into our business. By understanding the necessary components in the definition of prices and the logic of

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Women making notes from her phone whilst sat in the office

Improving personal effectiveness

Introduction  There are a number of psychological barriers that female entrepreneurs face when starting their business journey including a lack of self-belief.  Women are 55% more likely than men to cite fear of going it alone as a primary reason for not starting a business 39% of women report being confident in their capabilities to

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conducting market research

Understanding your market

You have a great idea for a business – but will it give you the sort of future/income that you would like to have?  Working through this module will give you the tools to be able to find all the information you need to help you make that decision. Everything you learn will feed into your business,

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