Welcome to our E-learning modules

As part of the Accelerating Women’s Enterprise programme (AWE), we have created online modules for our learning content based on the topics covered in our training workshops.

The content is designed by women, for women to help anyone thinking of starting up a company or who has recently started one to gain the skills and knowledge to create a sustainable business. Funded by Interreg, AWE helps women to make their business dreams a reality.

Please feel free to look around at the content included in the modules but if you want to access them, you will need to be signed up to the programme.

The good news is that as a participant in the AWE programme, you can access not just the e-learning but also our workshops and 1:1 sessions with our expert business advisors.

What is my social purpose?

We all start businesses for different reasons, and for many of us there is a personal reason beyond profit – a cause and drive related to our history, our life experiences and our own values. If an enterprise has a social or environmental purpose at its core it is a social enterprise. Social enterprises focus on impact: they are businesses which change the world for the better.

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Building your brand and value

In this module we will explore what a brand is, how you create one and why it is so important to you as a business. We will look at what differentiates your business idea and how to position this to build brand the maximum brand impact in the marketplace.

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lady with many arms doing many jobs

Time management

“Time management” is the process of organising and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.

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conducting market research

Understanding your market

Without market research your business idea will remain just an idea.

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Managing money and risks

Money Management: Your personal – to business – journey

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Women making notes from her phone whilst sat in the office

Improving personal effectiveness

We look at various tools designed to give you the personal and professional skills to help you succeed.

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